Satou Katsumi

"I'm here today," she said. "We'll see about tomorrow."



Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2

Martial Arts

Tiger Style

  • Prone Fighting

Exalted Martial Arts

  • Katagatic Wind Claw
  • Exploding Earth Technique
  • Scorching Volcano Strike
  • Lashing Water Dragon Tail

Overdrive: Wrath of the Living Elements


The Scripture of the Lost Maiden

Once there was a maiden…
… who was lost inside her mind.
She was cold because her heart had frozen.
She had no pulse because she had died.
On her way through the maze, she met a man.
He was made of heat,
And his heartbeat jumped beneath her touch.
“I’m here today,” she said. “We’ll see about tomorrow.”


After waking in a hospital room surrounded by strangers speaking a language she didn’t understand with no memories of who she is, Katsumi has spent the last seven years trying to find herself. She doesn’t know where to look or who to look for. All she knows is that she survived a gunshot wound through her eye that would have killed anyone, and that her instinct to fight far outweighs any of the more rational responses to conflict.

For the most part, Katsumi does not possess the inner peace or lack of outward passion that personifies most Wood Dragons. Instead, she is brazen, feisty, and driven, using her honed martial arts skills – the only solace she has found, in muscle memory if not her true past – to win fights in underground rings in Rio De Janeiro as well as help keep the city clean of some of it’s more nasty denizens. That – the natural compassion known to the Wood Dragons – is something she does have in spades, but not for those who would cross her very strict line of right and wrong.


After recovering from her wounds and then training under the Wood Dragon Master Frederico in a small Brazilian village for the past seven years, Katsumi had a vision of the pungent smell of rotten fruit and the feel of warm, composting mulch.

Taking the advice of her master, she scaled a mountain to seek the wisdom of a wise guru – hoping to find the path both to her past and to her future. The guru insisted that to gain his wisdom she needed to best him in a match and prove her skill, which she did with ease, discovering that he was a man possessed by evil spirits. Still, he kept his word and sent her on her path – to Rio de Janeiro – so she treated him with compassion.

On her way down the mountain, she encountered another skilled Martial Artist – one who had the same vision as her and insisted he accompany her to the great city. So the two of them went together to Rio de Janeiro and found work for a man there named Ricardo. There they stay, determined to find the source of corruption that taints the city and hopefully also discover the answers they seek to their own personal trials.


An attractive woman who looks to be in her late twenties, Katsumi has short cropped red hair and her good eye is a brilliant green. She wears an Asian-style eyepatch over her missing eye and tends to frequently shrug it off with self-deprecating jokes. A tattoo of a demonic looking mermaid swirls elegantly around her right arm, licking at her shoulder and twining it’s tail around her hand. Although Katsumi is pretty enough, she often wears suits and masculine clothing that fit her tall, sleek form well, saying that “I like to be underestimated by my foes. Who takes a woman that dresses like a man seriously anyway? And what were you expecting, a panty-flashing school girl?”

Satou Katsumi

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