Dorje Gyatsu


Strength 3 Dex 3 Stamina 4


Basic Strike: 3
Aerial Strike: 3
Rush: 4
Grapple: 4
Defense: 3

Terrestrial Tech-

Bridge of Waking Dream:3
Bridge of the Mirror: 2
Bridge of the Resilient Cat: 1

Celestial Tech-

Bridge of Jade Harmony: 1
Bridge of Black Serpent: 2
Bridge of the Celestial Gods: 1

Sidereal Tech-

Bridge of the Scarlet Phoenix: 1
Bridge of the Dragon Emperor: 1
Bridge of the Devil Fighter: 1

Prayer Binding: 1


Devil Judgement Art: 1


Lore: 5

EXP: 7/10


Born to a poor peasant family in Tibet, as a young boy Dorje was sent to study at a monastery. Hungry to learn he committed his life to the Dharmas, studying for years as a monk. As he went about his daily routines, he began to hear and see strange things. He decided to meditate upon these strange visions and was enlightened to the existence of the Shinma. They warned him of a group of demons that were planning to attack the monastery and promised him the power to defeat them if he would use his new strength to combat the demons that rear their heads in the mortal world. He said yes and the next day defeated his foes. He left his monastery, wandering the world over, defeating demons and their worshipers wherever they were found. He became well known within the Tennin community for his ability and commitment and was asked by a group of his peers for help in defeating a particularly tricky demon. He accepted and together they hunted the demon. Every time they would corner it, it somehow managed to find a way to escape until one night the group trapped it in a an abandoned church. They all fought the demon and, one by one, his allies fell to the demon’s cunning tactics until Dorje struck the last blow. Dorje wept over his fallen allies and decided to “retire,” moving to an isolated island in the Philippine…

… Until now. He has felt a dark tide rising, something he has never felt before. He left his island, searching for the source of the evil he senses.

Dorje is an old man, close to 60, with a shaved head and a long beard. He has dark, tanned skin and pure white hair. He wears sunglasses, shorts, a bright Hawaiian print shirt, and a pair of worn and beaten sandals.

Bright and cheerful, he’s not exactly what you would expect from an ex monk/demon fighter. He is a bit of an old perv, hitting on younger women at every opportunity. He drinks a lot (lot), chain smokes, and generally doing things that shows the number of shits he gives (being 0). Behind his lunatic behavior though is the trained mind of a demon hunter. He cherishes life and his friends and would give up his life for them so that he never has to relive the events of that night.

Though once he was an excellent martial artist, his body has since fallen out of shape, leaving him with only the abilities that the Shinma has gifted to him.

Dorje Gyatsu

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