Shinji Yakimura


Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2

Basic Techniques-

Basic Strike: 2
Aerial: 5
Rush: 2
Grapple: 4
Defense: 2

Martial Arts:

Snake Style-

Serpent Blinds the Wolf: 2

Ryuujin Fire Tech-

Fire-Dragon Fist: 2
Lashing Dragon Tail: 3
Earth-Scorching Volcano Strike: 2
Burning Scales Defense: 2

Ryuujin Smoke Tech-

Smoke Follows Fire: 1


Flame and Shadow Dance: 2


Resources: 5
Backing: 2 (Family)



The Yakimura are an ancient and storied clan of Ryuujin, defending the spiritual centers of Japan (most notibly a deep pit that opens up into one of the Thousand Hells). As the heir of the Yakimura family, Shinji was expected to follow in the footsteps of all his ancestors that came before him. He… Didn’t. Instead he chose to abandon his duties, using the skills and techniques taught to him by his clan to fight simply for the love of fighting. Brash and aggressive, he embodies the compulsive nature of the Fire Dragons, though he can be a bit of a layabout when there are no targets for his aggression. He eats a horrendous amount of food, especially noodles in spicy broth.


He wears a red, black and gold patterned wide-sleeved over shirt, a tight fitting grey undershirt, black canvas short, Japanese style sandals and a set of designer headphones constantly over his ears. His ears are pierced with purple studs and he wears gold bangles on his wrists. He is tall and lanky, though his body is corded with muscle. He has wild, unkempt black hair that reaches down to his shoulders. His eyes are nearly black, though they are a deep red instead of a brown. He has many geometric blue tattoos over his body,many of them forming flame-like designs.

Shinji Yakimura

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