Klaus Leiger

Demon-Hunting German Occultist


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 3

Basic Techniques
Basic Strike
Aerial Strike

Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Flying Armbar

Sliding Legbreaker

Triangle Choke Hold

Akuma Techniques
Riding the Whirlwind
Hellspite Blast
Hell Surge Advance
Overdrive: Devil Riot


History: It is untrue that the Nazi Occultists found nothing in their searches; merely that they lost anyways.

Heinrich Schaffenhauer, acting upon information of a caged demon locked beneath the mountains of Russia, made one such great finding. A powerful Yama King sprung forth and claimed the bloodlines of all who dared look on him as servants of hell. Schaffenhauer laughed at this declaration, for he did not know that his mistress was pregnant with his child.

Dina Leiger fled to Argentina after the fall of the Reich. There she raised her son, Herman, among other refugees. One day Herman and his wife would have a son of their own. This boy they named Klaus.

When Klaus was a young man, barely the age of puberty, demons came to take what had been claimed by their lord. Klaus’ mother died protecting her son, and his father thereafter taught him to use the powers that awakened in the conflict. Soon father was reunited with mother and Klaus was left to wander the streets before a cage fighter took pity on the boy and took him in, teaching him a Brazilian style of grappling. Finally learning to harness the powers of his mortal and demonic forms, he has set his sights on the heads of the Yama Kings themselves. Thus far he has acted as a demonic scourge upon the face of Brazil, ridding it of demonic presence where ever he goes. His ventures and roots have brought him a vast knowledge of magic and the occult that he uses to augment his formidable fighting prowess.

Physical Description:

6’3, 175lbs, slender and toned.

One of Klaus’ most noticeable features, beyond the beautiful long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and his electric blue eyes is his large array of charms and tattooes. Rings with various symbols and meanings adorn his hands and three different charms hang from his neck, visible behind the opened buttons of his white dress shirt that finally join just below the chest and just above the black vest he wears on top of it. His rolled up sleeves show the same body-spanning diagram of prayers, chants, principles, and other arcane laws that stretches along the backs of his forearms and ending on his hands. On his face sits a pair of circular sunglasses with lenses a faded blend of green and red and words of warding against deception around the outside. Black rods form the base and arms of the glasses that are also closely inscribed with blessings of clarity.

From his pocket hangs a pocket watch that shows the phases of the moon, rather than time of day.

Klaus Leiger

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